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Bio: First class quality grill pillow charcoal
1. product Parameter (specification)
Ash Content<5%
Raw MaterialCoconut shell powder
Fruit wood powder
Bamboo powder
Pine wood powder
Size D35mm, D50mm
Calorific Value7200kcal/kg
Burning Time3-4 hours
Volatile MatterAbout 20%
Carbon ContentAbout 75%
1X20GP ContainAbout 11.5 metric tons
1X40HC ContainAbout 25 metric tons
Production details
(1) Product Show https://youtu.be/V4hsC5-fDl0
(2) Manufacturing https://youtu.be/iqPmjozhrms
(3) Charcoal Burning https://youtu.be/OWhqhmB4mcs
2. Product qualification
3. Deliver,shipping and serving
4. FAQ
Q1. Are you factory or trading company?
A: We are factory, also doing trading.
Q2. Can I have a sample order?
A: Sample is availabe
Q3. What is your lead time?
A: About 30- 35 working days.
Q4. What are the payment terms?
A: FOB or EX-Work price, 30% T/T deposit and 70% T/T balance before shipmentPillow Charcoal
Sex: Undisclosed